Mary Washington Asparagus 200 Seeds FRESH PACK Seeds and Things

  • Reliable year in and year out
  • Produces thick dark green stalks
  • Resistant to some strains of rust
  • 200 seeds per pack

Asparagus is one of the few perennial vegetable crops.

The shoots are picked as young spears in the spring. Later in the season the foliage matures into an airy, fern-like cloud which changes to a golden color in the fall.

Because asparagus takes up a permanent place in the garden, but can be an attractive plant, many people with space limitations use asparagus as a border or hedge plant. Asparagus is a highly productive vegetable best suited to cooler areas. Grown for the stems or spears, a well tended planting yields 8 to 10 pounds or more per 100 square feet of bed or 24 to 30 pounds per 100 feet of row. For most home gardeners, one row is adequate. An asparagus planting lasts 15 to 25 years without replanting if it is well cared for and the climate is suitable. Mary Washington is one of the most popular asparagus varieties. Excellent for home gardens. Plant this perennial vegetable just once and enjoy the succulent spears for years. Graceful, feathery green foliage remains attractive long after harvest. Highly resistant to asparagus rust. Uniform heavy yields. Full or partial sun. Plants can be started from seed about 4 weeks before the last expected frost. USDA Zones: 4 - 9